Facebook Marketing Works!

YES! Facebook Marketing Works don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise.

While in Cancun I decided to record a Video on FACEBOOK MARKETING!

SO….most of the content in this blog post came straight from the FB Live Video and no matter what company you are apart off these TIPS can help you grow a business!

You can check out the video below BUT for the sake of those of you who love to read, here goes.

While we were here, I wanted to share some FACEBOOK MARKETING TIPS with you. As I’ve reflected back over my career  in network marketing, and direct sales most of you are aware that a lot of my start came from the internet. At first it was Myspace, but then we gradually transitioned over to Facebook. I’m going to tell you something, if you are not marketing your business on Facebook – and I mean intentional marketing that is marketing with a PURPOSE. I’m talking about really learning the art and the skill of leveraging Facebook, that you are missing out big.


First things first lets take a look at some FACEBOOK STATS. 🙂


Facebook has more than 2 Billion Users! Come on now. You can’t ignore this. YOU can BUILD a business using Facebook even IF you are new to Facebook.

Zephoria.com reports several reasons why:

▪510,000 comments and 293,000 statuses are posted on Facebook every minute.

▪Every day, 4.75 billion pieces of content are shared.

▪50% of people ages 18-24 go on Facebook as soon as they wake up in the morning.

▪One out of every five page-views in the U.S. is on Facebook.

▪Every second, five new Facebook profiles are created.

▪42% of marketers says Facebook is important to their business.

Yesterday, as we did the hustle to 100 a contest which was a contest that allowed reps in our Direct Sales Company to WIN A TRIP TO CANCUN. A smile came to my face!!!


The winners who acquired the MOST customers came up in front of the room to share their experience on HOW they knocked out all of the SALES.

Out of those who WON the trip our company selected the Top 3 Winners to share in front of the room again these were people had the most customers who qualified for the trip.

The first gentleman that won, wasn’t here but he obtained 600 orders. YES a whopping 600 orders!!

3 of the winners who did share mentioned FACEBOOK as their Key Source to obtaining customer aquisitions. So for those of you who are in direct sales, if  you’re not selling your products online, particularly Facebook, you really need to hone in, learn from those that are doing it.  One who came in front of the room, did over 200 customer orders. Another young lady, who I believe was all the way from Belgium from Jeff and Janella Simpson team (TLC Millionaire Earners). The other gentleman came from California. Then we had Nicole and Josh team, they came up and they talked about Facebook Marketing and how they were able to connect with people, send them their information and individuals were able to order from them.

I was just blown away! BUT this isn’t new to me, this is how I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years.

I can stand here today, solidly stand here today and declare, I don’t even believe I would be a Multiple Millionaire had it not been for Facebook.


Oftentimes, we hear things, but sometimes we just have to hear them over and over and over again for things to really click. Here are some tips these individual shared.

Tips they shared were…


Facebook Group marketing can be used to significantly increase your customer base. The way you attract is to draw people and when they ask to join your group you give them valuable advice on what you are selling and then you market to them! Those who are interested and are asking questions HELP as need offer your services or products and go in for the close!


Marketing based upon specific needs.

For example…. Our company, we have a lot of weight loss products right. So now you’re talking directly to people that really want to lose some weight. Post and sharing testimonies, before and after pictures, different before and after pictures based upon the products that was used to achieve the results as stock marketing.


Make sure that you’re following up with individuals. When people reach out to you and share with you they are interested BUT they do not respond back don’t hesitate to send them a nudge. Follow up will increase your SALES tremendously!

As a Facebook marketer these are some things I do.

Some of you all know my coach and mentor Sandi Krakowski.. Gregg and I invested some big bucks, and dollars to spend some intimate time in VIP class. What was so ironic is this. As I found myself looking at one of her sheets she sent out for us to do, I was blown away. Smiling to myself and saying WOW, these are the same things I’ve done for years. Some of you who’ve been a part of my trainings, I’ve talked about this, I’ve taught these same methods and techniques.

Tips Techniques and Strategies I teach..

You can take it to Facebook and you can start today.

1) You got to inspire people!

You’ve got to learn how to inspire people. Learn how to motivate and inspire. What do I mean by that? Give back, empower. It’s all about empowering other people; again inspiring them, motivating and giving back, giving value, adding value. If you learn something, quickly get on a Facebook Live or post and teach what you’ve learned.

You’re giving back.

Many of you know who I am. I am a woman of God. I don’t hide who I am in Christ for anybody, nor will I ever do that no matter how – if I get to billionaire status, I’m going to still let people know who I am but in the process I am being intentional about giving back!

Let me give you some examples!

I openly post quotes, I will openly get on Facebook and pray for you.

That’s inspiring.

That’s building people up.

You’ve got to be a master at doing that.

Find some quotes, some success quotes and post them. Another thing that I would post is Great Day. It’s a daily motivator by Ralph Marsh that I would post. You will find that it’s always on point. I’m like where the heck does he get this stuff. It’s just off the chain. So you’re doing that daily.

AGAIN number one, you got to add value to people, motivate, inspire, and give back.

2) You have to show people who you are.

Repeat after me ….




Authenticity Definition: conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features  an authentic reproduction of a colonial farmhouse made or done the same way as an original.
Not false or imitation :realactual an authentic cockney accent
True to one’s own personality, spirit, or character  
Is sincere and authentic with no pretensions

If you’re going to be on Facebook sharing your business, don’t say you’re going to do something and then go into the witness protection program, where you’re just now a part of the Secret Service.

What really makes the brows raise is this…

Why do I have to be public/???? Ummm excuse me. Come again. When people ask me that question.

You have to be! You got to make sure that you’re public. People want to see you. So you’ve got to make sure that you’re public and get out there. Don’t just post things and when somebody comments and you’re not engaging, you’re not interacting with them. Let them know you are there. If you’ve got to take some time out and go and like and comment under the post when people comment on you. Get around, comment on other people’s pages as well and this will draw others to you`. Here’s the thing with that because there’s some balance there You still want to be authentic but you don’t want to create a feeling of others thinning you are spamming them. You don’t want to just be posting on everyone’s page and commenting on everybody’s page, but be intentional about taking some time off to let your presence known that you’re out there on the book and that you’re commenting, engaging and interacting.

Show people who you are, show lifestyle. One of the reasons why when we travel, I say I don’t care about any haters. People going to hate. People start blocking me and deleting me when we travel. That’s okay, but I’m here to inspire those that want to be inspired. And so, hence, I post the beaches and all of that. Y’all want to see the beach? Let me turn it around for you. So I do that because people want to be inspired. People need to believe again. So that will also help you. People need to know who you are. Post pictures of your children. This isn’t something new. These are things that you hear, but what happens is, people start to get to know you. They start to trust you. They’re just like wow, I like her, I like him. That is what attraction marketing is, so now it’s drawing people to you, and then hopefully that they will one day be your customer or even your business partner, or even if they followed you for years – it could be five years from now, they may be the person that will take your business to millionaire status. You want to make sure that you’re out there.

BEACHING it out in CANCUN. Some of our  photos.

3) Promote your business!

Here’s the thing. Notice I said that third, that’s the third thing.

Share RESULTS and people will want to buy.

RESULTS SALE. Post any kind of RESULTS your customers and clients are experiencing with the products you are saying.

Before and After Pictures bring in the MONEY!!!!

I said number one inspires – about inspiring, motivating and adding value, teaching people and training. The skill sets you have, even behind the internet, get out there in front and show them.

Number two is your lifestyle and putting yourself out there. I’m not saying you’ve got to expose everything, every secret, but you want people to know who you are. So you put yourself out there.

Number three, just expose the business. Now, I’m not going to talk too much about exposure, but what I am going to say before I get off this Live is this. You got to share the RESULTS. People buy into results all day long. Facts tell but story sells. It is the results and the testimonies and the stories of other individuals – if you are trying to get customers, then you share those product based testimonies. If you’re trying to add business partners, then you share those income and those lifestyle stories.

I want you to dream again and also get your passports so you can travel. For when you travel, it begins to expand your mind and you begin to think about even that much more. So we’re going to go ahead and sign off right now. Share this if you like the tips, share it also with your team because you never know who will look at it and say wait a minute, I got it and now I’m going to get to work. For those of you who are part of the Total Life Changes family, love you. For those of you who are a part of our prayer movement, we love you. For those of you who are just on here, we love you too.

That means everybody.

FB LIVE while in CANCUN (Watch if you don’t want to read the entire blog) 


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