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Gregg & Lenika Scott

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Lenika’s husband, Gregg Scott, is her rock and most importantly her best friend. They met in 1991 and married four years later. Together they have six precious daughters, and their ultimate desire is to leave their children an inheritance and not a bill.

In that endeavor, in 2013, Gregg & Lenika  became leaders in building a sales force with Total Life Changes (TLC), a direct sales company focused on making it possible for people all over the world to improve their health and make money easily while working from home. This business has  financially restored their lives allowing them to live a DEBT FREE life!

Lenika & Gregg Scott in Home
Within a few months of their partnership with TLC, Gregg and Lenika, along with their team members, were able to hit the six-figure income margin in record breaking time

Their Dream Home Paid Off

Within a few months of their partnership with TLC, Lenika & Gregg, along with their team members, were able to hit the six-figure income margin in record breaking time. They are seeing incredible results by helping their team dream big! Within one year of joining TLC, they were half million dollar earners and after two years, they received their $2 million check. Today the Scott’s portfolio continues to grow through their real estate and companies, including their latest, Destiny Builders Design, a web design business that services others with Personal Branding, Social Media Branding, Business or Ministry Websites.

Thanks to their work with TLC, in 2015, the couple achieved their goals of purchasing (with cash) their dream home and living debt-free.

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Gregg & Lenika are Legacy Builders who are empowering communities to leave a Legacy! They help others tap into their full potential through empowerment, building self-confidence, and leadership skills.


The home-based industry has allowed Gregg & Lenika to travel the world, treating their family to numerous trips and vacations, after years of not being able to travel at all! They’ve been able to afford luxury items and a lifestyle they never could’ve imagined before.


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What Lenika & Gregg Teach

Internet Marketing


If you've ever thought about building a successful business online, Lenika & Gregg can help!

Network Marketing


Lenika & Gregg teach how to build a solid business MLM/Direct Sales with strategies focusing on Self Confidence Leadership Skills and team building skills.



How do you think your brand chalks up against the competition? Lenika & Gregg can help! They assist others with perfecting their brand, particularly on the Internet!

Becoming Debt Free


Lenika & Gregg's debt free strategies are based on biblical principals. Owe nothing but love to anyone!

  • $250,000 Ring Earners July 2014
  • $500,000 Ring Earners Feb. 2015
  • $2 Million Ring Earners July 2015
  • $2 Million Ring Earners July 2015
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  • Puerto Vallarta Mexico
  • Hawaii
  • Cancun Mexico
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