Lenika Scott featured in Black Enterprise

 Lenika Scott featured in Black Enterprise

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What some may deem impossible, she has successfully mastered. Lenika Scott, “The Millionaire Mom” and CEO of Scott Marketing Group LLC based outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, is a multifaceted entrepreneur, multilevel marketing industry leader, author/speaker, life coach, minister, and mentor. All while keeping her family (husband and six daughters) first priority and keeping herself healthy, fit, and fabulous! And she’s achieved it all through an unrelenting faith in God, tireless commitment, no-nonsense drive, and purposed passion to see lives radically transformed. Some may see “the glory” (manifested success) but most don’t know the full story. 

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In 2009, Scott and husband, Gregg, built a million-dollar business from the ground up. Two years later in 2011, their business completely crumbled and they ended up losing everything. Ground zero, everything—home, cars, assets—gone! As a result, they found themselves standing in line seeking government assistance (food stamps) to feed their large family of eight. But they made a decision to quickly pull themselves together.

 Scott emphatically recalls that “We did not focus on the pain but instead on the promise. We chose to focus on the vision we had for ourselves and our family.” Their core purpose and vision was to live debt-free, own their home outright and to leave an inheritance for their children. Because of the power of intentional focus, within the last two years, they were able to bounce back, purchase their dream home, build a multimillion-dollar enterprise and recover all. “Whatever you focus on the longest will become the strongest.”

 Today, Scott and her husband are executive ambassadors in Total Life Changes and are leading one of the fastest growing organizations in the industry. One of the foundational keys to their organization’s success is that they lead with a whole lot of faith and a whole lot of action! They teach, train, coach, and equip on repeatable, executable, and proven business intelligence systems that produce results. Because of it, they continue to experience exponential growth and expansion.

Although they have been from the pit to the palace, The Scotts continue to exemplify a down-to-earth, authentic aura and a genuine love and compassion for people. They have seen many people start their own home-based business where they have generated and replaced their income. Many have left corporate America and became their own boss. They have witnessed, firsthand, breakthrough after breakthrough, going from difficulties with personal finances, home foreclosures, looming debt and student loans to increased self-confidence, self-worth and human dignity.

 Scott candidly shares seven success strategies to help get you into the birthing position for business breakthrough:

 1) Consistency – Being consistent has been one of the main attributes that has allowed me to break through barriers in business even after hardships. I encourage you to be consistent whether you feel like it or not. Be consistent whether you see results or not; but most importantly be consistent when you do see results. Your consistent efforts today have much to do with your future results tomorrow.

 2) Work Ethic – The level at which you perform during your employment or while working a job will most likely be the same level you perform in entrepreneurship. I have never met a successful person who didn’t have a strong work ethic. Diligence is the key and when this virtue is applied, success is inevitable.

 3) Humility- There is always something to be learned or gained through knowledge. True humility is staying teachable no matter how much you know! Remember, there is someone who will always be more successful, more advanced, and have more wisdom than you have even in your area of “expertise.” However, as we remain humble, it always opens us up for more.

 4) Resilience – If one is to be successful in business, there will be many advancements and promotions, but also there will be adversities, with many trials and failures attached. However, the power to bounce back, ability to speak life and drive to move forward can never be optional.

 5) Forgiveness – Learning to release and letting go is huge in business and in life. Why? Because there will be people who will defy your trust, undermine your character, and maybe even attempt to assassinate your name. If you focus on those things, they can and will serve as a huge blessing blocker. In addition, you must always be ready to forgive yourself and ask others for forgiveness. The willingness to forgive and let go opens up the door for unlimited success in all aspects of your life, which includes business.

 6) Risk – In business, many times risks are taken and those risks may not always work in your best interest. However, it is worth it because it teaches you perseverance. You may have to change the plan BUT the goal stays the same.

 7) Ownership – Having a firm, unshakeable belief in yourself is so important. All success starts and ends with you! We teach our organization that “If it’s to be … then it’s up to me!” You should try it, post it, and affirm it daily. In success, you can never escape personal responsibility. At the end of the day, believe it, execute it, and OWN IT!

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 Stay connected to the movement and learn more about how to get your next business breakthrough: www.LenikaScott.com; https://www.facebook.com/lenika.scott; DestinyBuilders.Int@gmail.com (email); @LenikaScott (Twitter); LenikaScott (Instagram)

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