Lenika Scott Purchase Home with CASH

This was a fb post the day we received the keys to our home which was written May 28th, 2015 but I decieded to add this to my blog on today! BE INSPIRED!!!

Within a few months of their partnership with TLC, Gregg and Lenika, along with their team members, were able to hit the six-figure income margin in record breaking time

With tears in my eyes I praise God for this blessing!!! 
Our New HOME~
Today we received the keys in our hands for the HOME we just PAID OFF in cash!!!!

God used TLC to allow this dream to become our reality. 

6 Bedrooms 5 Full Baths & Pool (Yes 4 Stories)
Almost 7000 SqFt

It has always been our DREAM to own our home and to own it “Debt Free”. It has not been easy but it has truly been worth it. 

All of the tears that was shed during times we had to go through bankruptcy and foreclosure.

The pain the shame and suffering of it all. 

I remember the day we decided we would move forward to purchase this home our Realtor asked if we had lending. I said oh no there will be NO loan we have cash!!! To tell you the truth based upon credit we would have been rejected BUT GOD!!!

I’ve seen first hand that God is a Restorer and we give him all the Praise Glory and Honor!!!!

Gregg and I and our 6 daughters are sooo happy.

We would like to openly thank our Founder, Visionary and CEO Mr. Jack Fallon.

Mr. Kenny and Mrs. Chante Lloyd 
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin and Twiler Portis 
Rosa, John, Scott & Corporate Staff 

Our Amazing Leaders who believed in us, saw the vision and joined us as well as the TLC Family.

Our family, friends and prayer warriors. 

My message is that of HOPE! When you have a dream and goals in your heart don’t ever lose sight of them. 

Don’t ever lose sight or allow others to take you off course for you never know the vehicle God will use to bless you! For our family He used MLM. 

Since getting started in The Direct Sales Industry I NEVER lost sight of what was possible.

This picture was taken on the day of our first showing with our Realtor. At that point we knew this was our home! That was almost 2 months ago which was the SAME week we celebrated 20 years of marriage. 

We also realized God was giving us a GIFT!!! A beautiful Anniversary Gift. Isn’t he amazing???

***20 years of marriage***

I pray this BLESS someone even if you are not apart of Direct Sales, Network Marketing or MLM you have to believe that GOD is a restorer and he honors faith, trust obedience and hard work.

Showing others HOW to be Free in the area of Finances for it is our Kingdom duty.

Next Stop … Lake Front Property!!! 

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