Unlock and Activate Your Hidden Treasures

With Help From Keynote Speaker Lenika Scott

Heartfelt, Compassionate, Impactful Message

One of the top black female motivational speakers, Lenika Scott, will help you recognize where you are in your life. Then she will gracefully make suggestions to help get you on a path of experiencing greater things.

Having experienced the journey from humble beginnings to great success, Lenika is transparent and captivating through her focus on implementation and results. Lenika will show you how to break through the many barriers and obstacles you face. She’ll show you how to bounce back after great trial and difficulty.

Whether speaking to business or ministry, she will tailor her message, leaving you wanting more, searching deeper, looking within and creating change for your life! YES! Such a strong desire will be left for others to TAKE ACTION.

Lenika's Most Requested Keynote Topics

Lenika’s Most Requested Keynote Topics

  • Never let your “Down Place” Define You
  • Becoming a Resilient Leader in Network Marketing
  • Becoming a Resilient Leader in  the “Business Arena”
  • From Foodstamps to Millions
  • Exploding & Dominating your Business through Social Media
  • Thriving in the Marketplace as a Believer
  • When the odds are against YOU!
  • Breaking Barriers in Business and Creating Tangible Success
  • Attraction Marketing: How to “Authentically” Grow a Successful Business

Conquer More and Go Higher

If you need a speaker for your upcoming event, Lenika can help! She will deliver an impactful message that will leave your audience desiring more out of life.  Lenika’s unique touch allows others to look deep within, knowing they can break barriers to get to new levels NOT only in business but in life. Each of her keynotes are customizable for your audience. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch and work with Lenika to put together the perfect plan.

Lenika has fired up audiences from hundreds to thousands and has the ability to speak on different topics all with passion and heart.

Her goal is not just to motivate but inspire others to move to ACTION. She will leave your group with your audience have a detailed plan to succeed.