Tips to Rock your Home Party w/Lenika Scott

Most of my Home Business Career have been as an Internet Marketer but rest assure I’ve had my share of Home Parties since I have been in the Direct Sales profession!

Some bad but some really really AMAZING!!! And when I say AMAZING I mean AMAZING!

Those Home Parties where you leave feeling energized, charged and feeling as you are on top of the world because the night went great, the home party was FUN and the Sales were through the roof!

Today I want to HELP you with your Home Party Sales!

I want to HELP you close out STRONG and offer some money making  TIPS that will keep you in business!

It’s very important that you have the ability to turn each of your home parties into a profitable experience. After all, this is still a business.

Here are some money making tips to helping you have have more successful Home Parties!

1. Prepare your HOST!

Make no mistakes about it your HOST can make or break your home party and no matter how great of a personality she has she will need to be properly prepared and coached through the process to ensure a great SALES day! Do NOT rush this process but spend time with your host letting her know what she needs to do to ensure she earns all of the incentives she want.

WIIFM What’s in it for me? Well… kinda sorta LOL

WIIFH What’s in it for her? YES! You got it.

Depending upon your company and the way they offer home party incentives make this a clear focus starting out. Your host needs to be aware of her gift options, her percentage break and any discounts received based upon the sales under her party. In other words your host needs to know what she will get out of hosting a party for you! Once she fully understand that she will set goals and in term those goals will help you with your bottom line.

Offеring Inсеntivеѕ To Help With Hоѕtеѕѕ Cоасhing is a HUGE idea! These incentives may be offered as a thank you from you to her for agreeing to book the party.

-Give a frее gift for bооking on the spot! Offering аn immеdiаtе rеwаrd ѕtаrtѕ thе excitement еаrlу.

-Givе a free gift fоr gеtting the guеѕt liѕt back tо уоu in a timely manner.

-Offеr a frее product for hаving 10 оutѕidе оrdеrѕ bеfоrе уоu аrrivе at the home party.

Thеѕе giftѕ саn be inеxреnѕivе littlе itеmѕ of your choice. REMEMBER its all in the way we package and present.

Aftеr The Pаrtу

-Cаll thе host 24 hоurѕ аftеr thе раrtу tо thank them. Lеt thеm knоw whеn tо еxресt product dеlivеrу.

-Send a thаnk you саrd by postal mаil.

-Cоntасt уоur hоѕtѕ every 3 mоnthѕ tо get rе-bооkingѕ оr rеfеrrаlѕ. (Stay Connected)

2. Remain Innovative!

When people arrive at a home sales party they often expect to have a great and FUN experience. Getting innovative with your presentation or even including activities where you can live stream the party with a link to your sales page can make sure that attendance is larger and that your party can be more in demand. Right now we are in the FB LIVE era. So FB Live a Party and have some FUN! The energy of the party will be HIGHER as your guests are aware that others are tuning in! And you know what energy does??? Energy ALWAYS increase Sales!!!

***More Energy More Sales***

3. Testimonials WORK!

We LOVE testimonies!!! Guest attending your home party will always want some type of experience from a real person before they generally make a purchase so make sure you have loads of Testimonies!


Pictures | Videos | Or Live in Person Testimonies will go along way.

4. Follow up!

The fortune really is in the follow up! In order to make sure that your party is a success you need to do more than just in one invitation. Work at crafting a beautiful invitation for the home party and follow-up through the mail, through text or even with a phone call. The simple act of following up will often increase your attendance considerably especially if you set reminders to call a few days before the event to confirm with attendees.

5. Check out!

Make sure you have a separate area set aside for checking out. I highly recommend the dining room or kitchen. An area that is aside from other party guests. This way you can get personal with the guest at the party. Keep in mind most guest come to the party with an amount they already know the are going to spend. During this time you can ask questions that can steer them in the the direction of an upsell or even them booking a party during a later date for you! Have fun during this process as well but understand this is still business so make sure you have your calculator, check out process, recipes and other items needed so that you can close those sales out. Since they have already listened to the presentation, do not do another presentation with them or talk too much as your job is to close out sales and upsells.

Other great TIPS!

  • Let your personality show. People love realness so BE YOU BE AUTHENTIC!
  • Have FUN! Make a decision to have some FUN!
  • START ON TIME! Don’t wait for those who are arriving late. Respect those who show up on time!
  • Offer guest gifts. Example to the guest who show up on time.

Consider some of these tips for having a successful home party!

PLEASE SHARE this article with your Team. Also feel free to comment below as I’d love to hear some of your Amazing Home Party TIPS.

Happy Home Parties and I pray much success with your business!

Lenika Scott

The Millionaire Mom

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